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What it means to be a member

Beth Moshe Membership

There are many membership benefits throughout the year. Classes, cultural and social events, musical performances, life cycle events, opportunities for social action, fellowship, and the sense of belonging to a nurturing Jewish community are just some of what you’ll discover as a Beth Moshe member.


Annual Dues Structure

Family Membership

Includes Two Reserved High Holiday Seats

$1245 Per Year

Family Junior Membership

(One partner under 35 Yrs. Old) Includes Two Reserved High Holiday Seats

$895 Per Year

Single Adult Membership

(Includes One Reserved High Holiday Seat)

$700 Per Year

Single Junior Membership

(Under 35 Yrs. Old) Includes 1 Reserved High Holiday Seat

$360 Per Year

Associate Membership

(Part Time Residents) No High Holiday Seats Included

Associate Couple $394 Per Year

Associate Single $200 Per Year

Those with special financial circumstances may request reduced memberships. No one will be denied membership because of an inability to pay dues. All such arrangements are handled confidentially.