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Welcome to our family

We have a special place for your child, teen and adult. This is your community.

Latkes under the stars

Let’s celebrate the Festival of Lights as one community!

Sunday, December 10th at 6:00 p.m.

RSVP by Thursday, December 6th
[email protected] or 305-891-5508

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Everyone is welcomed

Get involved with Beth Moshe Congregation.


Over the last 25 years, Beth Moshe has emerged as a synagogue with all the qualities of a home.


Our teaching staff consists of highly experienced and talented teachers who love children.

Hebrew school

We inspire a love for Judaism by engaging our students in passionate, interactive learning.

Preschool Registration is now open!

Beth Moshe Early Childhood Center provides a complete, well balanced, secular and Jewish education. 

A healthy self image and a feeling of independence are important aspects of the school life of our children.

My grandson Luke loves it there!! Such a loving environment. We couldn’t ask for anything more!!
My daughter is in the two years old class and I can’t ask for more…wonderful staff, the teachers are so loving, great place.
There is no place that could be better and with the best Rabbi,absolutely 5 stars and above fom dr and mrs lee Duffner.
D’var Torah - Ki Tisa

D’var Torah - Ki Tisa

In the Torah portion of Hukat in the book of Numbers, the Israelites are bitten by snakes, get ill and…
D’var Torah - Tetzaveh

D’var Torah - Tetzaveh

This week’s Torah portion is called Tetzaveh. It comes in perfect order after the Torah portion of Teruma when we…
D’var Torah - Teruma

D’var Torah - Teruma

This week’s Torah portion is about our Mitzvah project of building the ark, the Aron ha-kodesh, which was made not…

Come and be part of our family!

For more than 25 years, our congregation has been passionate about their members.

Beth Moshe Congregation is filled with generations of South Florida families with roots and traditional values. 

2225 NE 121 Street, North Miami, Florida 33181

[email protected]

305 891 5508