Beth Moshe Congregation

D’var Torah – Parashat Yitro

We never know how our misfortunes in life will eventually turn to be our fortunes. We should have the faith that anything that we do, as negative as it might be (as in Yitro’s story), that once we decide to change our ways, that we can and will be rewarded. There is an inspiring story as an example for tikkun (fix) and a reward.

D’var Torah – Parashat Beshalach

This week’s tragic event with the loss of 24 soldiers during a building collapse in Gaza
caused by Hamas, made me feel like things are just getting worse.
Is redemption/salvation, freedom, release nearby?

D’var Torah – Va’eira

A woman working for the Israeli army as the interrogator of terrorists who are captured in Israel used to see them in the hospital if they got injured. In one of her visits, she saw a Palestinian boy who was treated for his illness by Jewish nurses and doctors who gave him other than medicine much love and sweet treats.