Beth Moshe Congregation

D’var Torah –  Kedoshim

Being holy is the way we are taught to act, to reflect well on G-d and on all of us as a whole. That is a big mission and a challenge, but we should understand that this is not done or achieved in one day, it takes time and hard work just like growing wheat – and harvesting it, to get enough grain for the Omer offering to bring to the Temple.

D’var Torah –  Metzora – Passover – Nisan

Every year at the Passover seder, Jews around the world are re-telling their story by declaring: ha lahma anya, and “All who are hungry, come and eat!” It is a beautiful gesture that expresses one of the core values of this holiday: everyone deserves to celebrate being free at Passover.

D’var Torah – Shemini: Rise to the top!

This week’s Torah portion is Shemini, it is the end of the course for Aaron to become a priest. Some of our sages think that Aaron wasn’t feeling worthy of his new title, after all he was the one who helped his group to make the biggest sin by building the Golden Calf. How could he be standing in front of them expecting them to look up to him as a spiritual leader who could help them atone for their sins when he himself sinned. Moses his “Commander”, called him up on the “little mountain” saying: